Andifull name Andreas Guhl - is a food enthusiast born in Villingen on the borders of the Black Forest and grown up in the small town of Balingen in the heart of Swabia.  

German food outside Germany is dominated by Bratwurst or Schnitzel and not always of good quality. A real sin is what is partially done to Germany’s national dish number 1 – “The Currywurst”. A cheap sausage wrapped in a rubbery bun and drowned in ready made Curry ketchup. Nobody in Germany would eat that  - probably it would fall under the toxic waste act. But the worst thing is to see my compatriots selling this kind of “filling” on Christmas markets and fayres. Not a good promotion for what is cult, history and life style in Germany. This is why I decided to go to Food Festivals myself to introduce the real Currywurst, made in Berkshire after a German recipe. We use the how-it-should be home made tomato sauce, the authentic spices and with the help of an electric sausage cutter we serve the Currywurst on the orginal Currywurst plate with the wooden Currywurst fork.

You find us on various Food Festivals. Please subsribe to our newsletter or contact us directly which ones we are attending – and please come early as we usually sell out quickly.


But German food can be much more and this is what you can discover through this website. What you find on Andisfinest.com is of highest quality,it is innovative and fun. It is culture, tradition and German life style brought to you.

We are contiously looking for new products and suppliers but have strict selection processes in place to ensure only highest quality can be found here.

Please feel free to give us your feedback as there is always room for improvement. Looking forward to it.





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