German food engineering -  “Vorsprung durch Food Technik“ of the highest quality.

Have you ever eaten bolts, glue or polyfiller?

Are you ready for your own oil service?

Do you fancy a gold-coloured T-bone steak?

Well - this is the place to get the answers.

For DIY fanatics, car lovers, mechanics and other technocrats where you can combine fine food with innovative design and make your kitchen your workshop.


THE DELI GARAGE is a delicatessen food brand that offers fine foods from regional producers in unique, original and well-designed packs, and has been awarded  international prizes for innovative product design. THE DELI GARAGE puts as much passion and commitment into the quality of its products as the family-run businesses producing them.



Recent awards include:





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  • THE DELI GARAGE Multi Pasta
    250 g of handmade egg pasta shaped like nuts, bolts and screws. The ideal material for constructing pasta dishes, salads and casseroles. Nearly two decades of experience go into the development of this pasta. A small family-owned business in Burgenland, Austria, produces this handmade pasta using a traditional recipe of semolina and fresh organic eggs. But what’s extra special about this pasta ..
  • THE DELI GARAGE Oil Change. Get yourself an oil service.
        3 x 100 ml of high-quality virgin olive oil with rosemary, lemon and chili flavours. Puts an end to squeaky salads, dry fish and hard to swallow pasta.   The aromatic Arbequina olives growing in Spain’s mild climate gives Oil Change its smooth and fruity taste. For more than 75 years, a small family-run business in Catalonia has been making olive oil usin..