Volkswagen Original Foods

The wait is over - Original Volkswagen Currywurst is now available in the UK

Volkswagen is not only a world-famous car maker but also one of the biggest Currywurst producers in Germany. Since 1973 they have served Currywurst – Germany’s number one national dish – in its canteens. Currybockwust sausages can be used as a giant hot dog or grilled on a BBQ.

In 2012, Volkswagen's own butchery made 6.5 Million Currybockwurst sausages - far more than the number of cars they produced. The success of their sausage is the mix of spices used and the specially developed Volkswagen ketchup (also sold by us) that makes it a real treat. The Volkswagen Currybockwurst has 20% less fat than other sausages and contains no phosphates, milk protein or glutamates.

Andi's Finest travel regularly to the HQ in Wolfsburg to get new stock to bring fresh Currybockwurst back to the UK. We also supply Volkswagen HQ in the UK.

Guten Appetit !


By the way, Volkswagen's Currybockwurst is even displayed at the Currywurst Museum in Berlin!



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