Wilder Kaiser

Fair trade WILDER KAISER CHOCOLATE with wild organic herbs from the Alps

We have extended our product range slightly outside the German border as we think with the Wilder Kaiser chocolates we can offer something special

The manufactory is located in the small town of Kössen in Tyrol not far from the renowned ski resort of Kitzbühel.

Let your first piece of Wilder Kaiser Chocolate slowly melt in your mouth and you will experience a completely new taste sensation.

The secret behind it is an absolutely novel combination of fine Fair-Trade-Chocolate with wild organic herbs from the Alps of the Wilder Kaiser region in Tyrol and the long experience and skills as master chocolatiers.


Wilder Kaiser Chocolate has developed specific combinations of alpine herbs from for each of their products.

These herbs are grown in an altitude of 1.200m (approx. 3.900 feet) above sea level on a very sunny slope. This altitude is responsible for the high quality of the herbs used.

The herbs grow in an organic environment. Right after the harvest, these organic herbs are set in organic oil in order to extract the essence. We allow the herbs to infuse for 6-8 weeks. The organic oil essence will then be used to produce the chocolates and slowly added to it. The honey used for the chocolate cake is organic and also from the Wilder Kaiser region.

The hand-made wooden boxes are made from reclaimed wood from alpine huts from the same region.

The unique and extensive production of Wilder Kaiser chocolate

An insight how carefully this cake is produced: The basis to start with are four round waffles cut down to the size of the cake. As a first step a thin layer of Wilder Kaiser White Chocolate is put on top of each waffle. These coated waffles are then stored in a dry and cool place for a few hours.

Next step is to cover the bottom waffle with a thin layer of honey from the region.

A mix of almond nougat and almond paste is then added to the bottom waffle just 5mm thin. Then the second waffle with some honey is added after being sprinkled with some very fine cut hazelnuts. On top another layer of approximately 5mm is added with  hazelnut nougat and caramel. The fourth and final waffle is used as the top of the cake.

The cake now has to rest for half a day in a cool and dry place, before the top waffle is covered with two additional layers of Wilder Kaiser dark and whole milk chocolate.

Finally the only things added are organic herbs and flowers from the Wilder Kaiser Mountains, sprinkled on top of our cakes.

What a treat!


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