Kaiser Honey

The name does not derive from “The Kaiser” it is the family name of Kristian Kaiser who interprets honey in a modern and innovative way – something to explore and to enjoy.


Greek mythology attributes the invention of honey to Aristaios, the son of Apollon and Kyrene. Aristaios taught men how to make cheese and olive oil and how to keep bees. For these munificent offerings he was widely praised, but his fortunes changed when his pursuit of Eurydice, the wife of Orpheus, led to her death from the bite of a serpent. For this the Gods imposed death upon Aristaios’ bees. Without bees, there could be no flowers, no fruit and, thus, no food for animals and man. Only through an act of supplication was Aristaios granted a chance to return balance to the world that he had placed in turmoil.

Recent ecological disasters, including the rapidly decreasing number of bees in Europe and North America, bear a striking similarity to the Aristaios myth. Our world is out of balance, and unless we change our methods of production and consumption, we may one day face the kind of nightmare scenario predicted by Albert Einstein: “No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” While the cause of the massive loss in bee population is not known, studies have suggested that use of pesticides and genetically modified crops may be compromising bee immune systems resulting in “colony collapse disorder.”

Protection of the bee population is an issue of great importance to the sustainability of human society. For this reason, all Kaiser Honey products are made by hand with biological ingredients. It is only through millions of small steps that we can begin to change the world and push the human race toward a more ecologically sustainable structure. Like a colony of bees working together, we can make the world sweeter.

Seven Points for delicious honeys

Combining the best ingredients with good, organic honey is a new idea. But what makes an idea successful? Some sweet information about how Kaiser Honey does it:

1. Artisanal natural food processing:

Fresh herbs are laid into the honey for a certain time to infuse flavour and colour. Mint, coriander or flowers like roses and lavender give fine results. Even though honey can't spoil, it is important to avoid introducing water from the ingredients to sustain the natural, wild character of the honey. All of our products are non-heated.

2. Technical innovations:

Fresh fruit contains too much water to be conserved in honey. But reducing moisture by cooking or drying destroys too much of the flavour of the fruit. Only though vacuum lyophilization sublimation (freeze drying) is it possible retain the freshness while achieving a composition that will remain stable in honey.

3. Exploration of cultural and regional traditions:

Kaiser Honey prepares  ginger in the traditional Japanese way, which involves marinading in vinegar for several weeks to reduce its sharpness and develop the harmonic ginger aroma. Spices like chillies, anise, cinnamon are chosen from fine suppliers like the famous Eclette or sourced directly from countries like China for our 5 elements spice.

4. Chocolatier & Patissier secrets:

Of course Kaiser Honey are not into all sweet secrets, but never stop from learning. For example, they developed a technique of incorporating cacao butter into honey. The result is a very nice mouth feeling and more stability of the fruit aroma. Also, they are crazy about the original white nougat and some very exciting interpretations are being developed! Let's hope right before X-mas.

5. Deli food and cooking:

It's surprising how easy it is. Use Kaiser Honey’s  for salad dressing or with meat. See the website  more ideas.

6. “Be Berlin”:

After years of running behind the bees, it is a pleasure being back in the city again. During the weekend you will find us in Mitte (Mauer Park) or P-berg (Kollwitzplatz). Here we introduce new flavours, find international feed back, get inspiration for new experiments. Thanks to the street where life happens!

Another source of inspiration are the wonderful Turkish and Vietnamese markets here in Berlin. We have a large ethnic community here and a very tolerant, peaceful background.

7. You can be a part of the sweet difference:

Do it like the bees: together. Start to make the world sweeter by being connected and sharing sweet love



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