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  • BAVARKA Bavarian Vodka 43% Vol, 0.7 litre
      BAVARKA Vodka is the first vodka from Bavaria, and is created in the Lantenhammer traditional distillery, famous for its outstanding fruit spirits. BAVARKA Vodka is made from potatoes grown in Germany and local clear mountain spring water. Due to their unique seven-fold distilling process and storing the product in rare earthenware jars before bottli..
  • Wild Blackberry Brandy , filtered, 42% Vol, 0,5l
      The Hazalnut Brandy from the distillery Lantenhammer is made from hand-picked hazelnuts from the Kerassund region on the Turkish Black Sea coast. These very finely flavoured nuts are shelled, sorted and packed on site and then delivered to the Lantenhammer distillery. Here, they are grated with their aromatic skin, then carefully roasted and made up with neutral alcohol (96%). After ..
  • Wild Raspberry Brandy 42% Vol, 0,5 l
      The Wild Raspberry Brandy from the distillery Lantenhammer is made from wild raspberries gathered in the Czech Giant Mountains, the Carpathian Mountains and the foothills of the High Tatra. They are then transported to the distillery at +4°C. Their flavour is a lot more intense than the average garden raspberry. The wild raspberry brandy has an intoxicating raspberry aroma and tastes..