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The Lantenhammer distillery from the Schliersee region in Bavaria has a reputation for producing spirits of the highest quality. Since introducing their first Enzian Schnapps in 1928, the art of distilling has been passed from generation to generation, and all employees have learned their craft on the Lantenhammer premises.

Lantenhammer use only the best fruit, carefully selected by hand, together with clear mountain spring water. The crisp mountain air, paired with the expertise and highest degree of quality of workmanship ensure that all Lantenhammer products are outstanding.

The distilling process is conducted with considerable care and the highest professional skills. Top quality ingredients, traditional distilling methods and  the careful storage in old, breathable earthenware jars for a minimum of three years are the factors that are critical to the success of Lantenhammer products. Some specialities and rare spirits are also kept in special wooden casks for a longer period, intensifying both the aroma and colour of spirit.

After  maturing , the spirits  are then bottled by hand to be ready to be shipped.


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  • Apricot Brandy 43% Vol, 0.7 l
      The Apricot Brandy of the Lantenhammer distillery is made of apricots carefully grown in the Nancy and Metz regions. It is then matured in casks made of mulberry wood, where it develops its deeply fruity, long-lasting taste. It has an intense aroma and flavour, and is suited for all seasons and a variety of dishes. This speciality comes in an attractive gift box made of beech..
  • Hazelnut Brandy, filtered, 42% Vol, 0,5l
      The Wild Blackberry Brandy is made from wild blackberries hand-picked in the Czech Giant Mountains, the Carpathian Mountains and the foothills of the High Tatra. They are then transported to the distillery at +4°C. Their flavour is a lot more intense than the average garden blackberry. The wild blackberry brandy has a full flavour with a warm and velvety feel. It goes very well with ..