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Gold Edition

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  • Sloe Gin with gold leaf flakes 42% Vol, 0.7 l
      The Sloe Gin from the Lantenhammer distillery is made from both wild and cultivated sloes from Bohemia and Moravia as well the Odenwald region. After harvesting, the berries are frozen to alter their cell structure; this makes the sloe gin milder and softer in taste. It carries a mixture of fruity and tartly flavours with a hint of almond and marzipan. It is an ideal digestif in ..
  • Williams Pear Brandy with gold leaf flakes, 42% Vol, 0.7 l
      The majority of Lantenhammer Williams pears grow on older trees from two different regions of South Tyrol (Bozen Becken and Vintschgau Hights). Here, the pears are carefully handpicked. The interesting and intense structure of this pear brandy is due to the difference in soil and climate of the two harvesting regions. The unfiltered brandy is more intense than the filtered one, i..