Hermann's Liver Patés

Created with loving dedication and produced by a master.

HERMANN’s philosophy is

  • that craftsmanship and passion lead to a great tasting product
  • to focus on the essential ingredients
  • that a great product does not need any additives
  • that only outstanding ingredients lead to a unique product
  • quality comes before quantity.

This is why HERMANN’s  produce all their liver patés by hand. Their extraordinary products are produced in a small factory in the lovely region of the “Weserbergland” (Weser uphills).

Anyone who wants a healthy diet for themselves and their family cannot ignore the word “organic”. HERMANN’s ingredients come from controlled organic farms, and they believe that the source of their ingredients and the way they are processed are essential to the quality of the final product. Their passion for patés drives HERMANN’s to develop new taste sensations.

HERMANN’s is EU Bio certified and the independent control agency ABCERT (DE-ÖKO-006) conduct regular checks at the factory.


Jens-Christian Uphoff leads HERMANN’s today


Jens-Christian doesn‘t like carrots! This is something he inherited from his grandfather Hermann, as well as his passion for liver patés from childhood. A few years ago he started searching for the original family recipe, and after he found it he reinterpreted it in a new modern way. The brand “Klassisch”  (classic) is based on the original recipe.

As Hermann’s successor, Jens-Christian regularly develops new varieties which are always produced organically.





At a glance:

  • A maximum of 30% fat in the meat
  • Usage of organic ingredients only
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial emulsifier
  • Organic salt (Luisenhaller Pfannensiedsalz)
  • Bio certified by the control agency ABCERT (DE-ÖKO-006)
  • All products are offered as  freshly produced  preserves and  best before the date on the jar without cooling. Keep refrigerated after opening


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  • HERMANN's organic liver pate "Apple & Onion"
      Apples from Turkey meet onions from the farm Klanhorst from Petershagen, the village where HERMANN’s is based. HERMANN’s uses dried apples providing a spot-on sweetness. Harmonized with granulated, dried chopped and fresh onions it gives a savoury and sweet taste at the same time. Ingredients: Pork meat (49%), pork liver (24%), potable water, onions *(9%), salt, mix of or..
  • HERMANN's organic liver pate "Cashew and Cranberry"
      For the sweet and nutty flavour HERMANN’s uses a mix of Cashew nuts and fruity and sweet cranberries. For all who are looking for an alternative to in Germany  popular wild boar paté with cranberries Ingredients: Pork meat (45%), pork liver (22%), potable water, onions *(9%), salt, mix of organic herbs, cranberries* (12%),Cashew nuts (8%) pepper*,nutmeg*, acelora che..
  • HERMANN's organic liver pate "Chili"
      Extra Hot Chili (capsicum frutescens) from Uganda, India  and China are twice as hot as most of the other types of chilies (Capsicum annuum) and gives this liver paté 128.800 heat units on the Scoville scale. On top HERMANN’s uses crushed chilies. These are flat pieces of chili with yellow seeds that makes your lunch sandwich look more colourful Ingredients: Pork mea..
  •   For the liver paté „Truffles“  HERMANN’s uses only summer truffles from  Italy. With 9g of truffles (6.5%) in each jar this liver paté provides a unique taste experience. To make sure that only the very best quality goes into the product, HERMANN’s collaborates with the “Trüffel Atelier” in Hamburg and their experience over decades with different types of truffles. ..
  • HERMANN‘S organic liver paté „Thyme“
      Tasty and flavourful with fine thyme from Hamburg’s “Gewürzmühle”. Taste all the flavours of fine thyme which are preserved through the cooking process in the jar. A Mediterranean  journey. Ingredients: Pork meat (57%), pork liver (28%), potable water, onions *, salt*, mix of organic herbs, thyme (0.4%)*,pepper*,nutmeg*, acerola cherries* *Controlled organic cultivat..
  • HERMANN’s organic liver paté „Classic“.
      The pure delight. A balanced mix of black pepper, organic salt and nutmeg are the basis of  this classic. For  lovers of a solid and well made liver paté. Ingredients: Pork meat (57%), pork liver (28%), potable water, onions *, salt*, mix of organic herbs, pepper*,nutmeg*, acerola cherries* *Controlled organic cultivation 140g jar  ..