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The Farmers Alliance of Schwäbisch Hall (Swabian Hall) 

Discover the taste of the Hohenlohe region

The crest of the region of Hohenlohe is  “Mohrenköpfle” (which means Little Black Head) and - this is what the local people lovingly call the Swabian Hall country pig.

In the beautifulcountryside of Northern Württemberg the farmers of Hohenlohe  breed and  fatten this ancient pig breed using traditional methods, with a healthy diet (strictly no genetically modified food). Each animal is reared in barns covered with straw and allowed as much exercise as possible. This way of rearing pigs is good for the animals as well as for the consumer.

Swabian Hall quality pork meat is a protected product like champagne or Parma ham, and is safeguarded by the EU. All Swabian Hall meat is guaranteed to come directly from Hohenlohe farmers.


Prince Charles on a visit to Hohenlohe

In May 2013 Prince Charles visited the lovely Bühler valley to meet some Swabian Hall Farmers. Rudolf Bühler, chairman of the Swabian Hall Farmer’s Alliance welcomed the Prince and other guests. They were all introduced to a happily grunting  Swabian Hall pig with its piglets.

Prince Charles practices ecologically sustainable farming on his farms in Cornwall and Highgrove, and his adviser since 1984 is Hartmut Vogtmann, renowned as a pioneer for ecological farming in Germany and beyond. Vogtmann  pointed out to Prince Charles the success  of the Swabian Hall Farmer’s Alliance and the resurrection of this old country breed as part of the regional development of Hohenlohe.

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