Curry compositions

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  • African Stew Curry Spice
    tin, 75 ml (35g) Savoury and warm, medium hot Ingredients: cumin, pepper, curcuma, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves ..
  • Fresh Mint Curry Spice
    30 g (75 ml) tin Savoury and fresh, hardly at all hot Ideal with fish or light vegetable dishes and as a base for dressings and dips. Ingredients: fenugreek seeds, green paprika flakes, garlic, mint, curcuma, ginger, cardamom, cayenne pepper, coriander, cloves ..
  • Lemon Curry Spice
    35 g tin (75 ml) fruity, medium hot Ideal for prawns and fish, chicken and lamb, for light vinaigrettes, salad dressings withyoghurt or creme fraiche. Goes also well with light potato dishes, pasta, runner beans, asparagus and courgettes. Ingredients: lemon peel, curcuma, cardamom, green pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, yellow mustard, cumin, lime, lime leaves, mint, parsley, cayenne p..
  • Lime Curry Spice
    35 g tin (75 ml) Freshly tangy  and savoury Ideal  as a marinade for barbecue meats, for rice dishes that go with fish, for yoghurt dressings or for fish, prawn and poultry curry dishes.   Ingredients: coriander, curcuma, lime, cumin, cardamom, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, lime leaves ..
  • Orange Curry Spice
    35 g tin (75 ml) aromatic-fruity taste, medium hot Ideal for duck, venison and chicken, to marinate salmon and tuna and for delicate pies and pan-fried dishes with meat and fruit. Also goes well with vegetarian dishes with red lentils, pumpkin, carrots or sweet potatoes or rice. For fruity vinaigrettes or cream sauces, good for a fine panna cotta or in a caramel sauce with ice cream –..
  • Red Bangkok Curry Spice
    30 g tin (75 ml) savoury hot The hot equivalent to the milder Red Thai Curry Spice – a Thai classic that lives in perfect harmony with coconut milk. Ingredients: cayenne pepper, chili flakes, red paprika flakes, paprika, garlic, galangal, onion, lime leaves, lemon grass ..
  • Thai Mix Hot & Fresh
    30 g tin (75 ml) hot and tangy This freshly hot mixture from typical Thai ingredients can be used like any curry powder, in wok dishes with vegetables, fish, prawns, beef or chicken. You can soften the heat with coconut milk.   Ingredients: lime, coriander, green pepper, ginger, onion, curcuma, galangal, coriander greens, lime leaves, crushed chili, garlic ..