Mrs Löwe of Löwe’s Holstein Hitze chutney prepares all products with devotion and by hand. The sweet and hot chutneys combine local grown chilies from Schleswig-Holstein in the north of Germany with fruits and vegetables from the same region. The heat level varies from product to product.

Löwe’s Holstein Hitze chutneys are versatile and can be served with cheese, fish, cold meats, as a delicious  companion with venison, poultry, roasts and lamb or even as a sauce on ice cream, crêpes or rice pudding.

Löwe’s Holstein Hitze chutneys taste wonderful with sweet and savoury cakes like quiches or bacon and onion tartlets but also refine salads, gravy or soups. There are no limits and the kitchen at Löwe’s Holstein Hitze works continuously on new ideas.




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