THE DELI GARAGE Choco Glue with biscuits

200 ml of the finest hazelnut praline with extra-high cocoa content. With or without biscuit. Sticks to bread, cake and anything else a sweet tooth loves. Once you try it, you’ll immediately know what you’ve been missing in ordinary chocolate spreads. Chocolate Glue is made traditionally by hand using carefully selected cocoa beans and only the best hazelnut oil. The other version of Chocolate Glue comes with a special crunchy ingredient: yummy biscuits, crumbled into tiny pieces and added to the mix. Thanks to the special family recipe, the little pieces of biscuit stay deliciously crisp right down to the very last drop of Chocolate Glue. But beware: the unique taste of Choco Glue can become an addiction that will stick to you for life.

Chocolate Glue ingredients: hazelnut praline (49.5% hazelnuts, soy lecithin emulsifier, sugar), hazelnut oil, cocoa.

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