Powerfuel Ginger & Coriander

200 ml of 40 % ABV vodka. With natural ingredients only. Flavoured with melon and mint, blackberry, ginger and coriander or espresso.

A big vodka from one of Germany’s smallest distilleries. Located deep in the Harz region, this fine distillate is produced by a small family business – with the peace and quiet, love and experience that a really good vodka needs. The wheat that powers this vodka is grown locally, and the distillation methods come from a long, time-honoured tradition. All the added flavours, such as melon or Italian espresso coffee beans, are carefully coaxed from fresh fruits, roots, plants and beans. And it isn’t just the content that’s strong. Powerfuel comes in a stainless–steel hip flask.

Powerfuel ingredients: Natural fruit extracts, alcohol, water, sugar.

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