THE DELI GARAGE FILLER White. Fills every hole and comes with a spatula. For DIY foodies

250 g of delicious chocolate spread – whole milk or white chocolate.  A real treat not only for  DIYers of any age. Improves every surface, tastes great on bread, with pastries, or just straight from the spatula. Sweet appetite has never been so tasty and brings a lot of fun too. This delicious spread comes with a multifunctional spatula! Due to the four different serrated edges of the spatula, every  DIY foodie can determine its individual thickness FILLER layer. There’s only one drawback. This chocolate Filler is so deliciously creamy that you might find yourself plastering it on a little bit thicker than planned.


Filler ingredients:


White chocolate spread: Belgian chocolate spread, sugar, vegetable oil, skimmed-milk powder, butter oil, white chocolate 2% (sugar, skimmed-milk powder, cocoa butter, butter oil), lactose, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavouring.


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