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Wild Blackberry Brandy , filtered, 42% Vol, 0,5l

Brand: Lantenhammer
Price: £39.00

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The Hazalnut Brandy from the distillery Lantenhammer is made from hand-picked hazelnuts from the Kerassund region on the Turkish Black Sea coast. These very finely flavoured nuts are shelled, sorted and packed on site and then delivered to the Lantenhammer distillery. Here, they are grated with their aromatic skin, then carefully roasted and made up with neutral alcohol (96%). After 20 days, in which the intense aromas are captured, the distillation process begins, using hand-made small copper containers. The pure distilled spirit is then stored in rare old breathable earthenware jars for 12 months to perfect its nutty aroma. After that, it is mixed with pure spring water to bring it to the final strength of 42% and filtered.

Age restriction
North of Germany

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