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Williams Pear Brandy with gold leaf flakes, 42% Vol, 0.7 l


The majority of Lantenhammer Williams pears grow on older trees from two different regions of South Tyrol (Bozen Becken and Vintschgau Hights). Here, the pears are carefully handpicked.

The interesting and intense structure of this pear brandy is due to the difference in soil and climate of the two harvesting regions. The unfiltered brandy is more intense than the filtered one, it is more aromatic in taste and has a more intense smell. This is due to keeping  the essential oils and all flavours and aroma of the whole pear within the spirit.

For this delicacy, only high quality organic, handpicked fruit are chosen and distilled. Strictly no additives and a natural distilling process guarantee a high-class product, which is only available in a limited edition.

 Flakes of gold leaf underline the precious quality of this fine spirit. 

Age restriction

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